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Face-to-Face Physiotherapy

When possible, in-person physiotherapy is ideal for assessment and management of musculoskeletal injuries. I am based at Alan Law Physiotherapy in Horsham.

  • A full subjective assessment, this includes discussion around your pain, when/how it started and how it is impacting you. 

  • An objective assessment where we will go through movements and physical tests to determine a diagnosis.

  • Treatment as indicated based on assessment.

  • You will then leave with an exercise and management plan that fits your lifestyle. 

  • Follow-up appointments can then be arranged as needed on a case-by-case basis. 

What's Involved?

Please contact me if you'd like to book a face-to-face appointment.



"My elbow has been absolutely amazing compared to the previous year of pain; I wish I had gone to you over a year ago. I can't believe the difference the physiotherapy made. As you know, my work is very physically demanding on my elbow, what you have done and taught me has made a huge difference to my life, thank you!

"Just want to say thank you for all your support - not just with the Physio side of things but positively speaking about getting Alex back to sport - it's made a massive difference to his overall wellbeing."

Alex's Mum

"When I first met Ben for an assessment I had badly injured my shoulder doing CrossFit. I couldn't carry anything and it was incredibly painful. Ben diagnosed the issue quickly and immediately started targeting the key areas where the pain originated. His decision to do 2 sessions a week with me was a game changer in my view - within 4 weeks I was back in the CrossFit gym with no pain or weakness whatsoever. I would definitely recommend Ben for any injuries, particularly those that occur in weightlifting or CrossFit - his quick diagnosis and superb judgement will solve your issues in no time!"

"From the moment of meeting Ben after my knee replacement, professionalism shone through. He has been so encouraging and helpful throughout the course of treatment. No question or concern was left unanswered and exercises were always covered by emails as reminders of what to do. Re-assurance was always there. Thank you Ben."

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