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"I reached out to Ben when knee pain was holding me back from my training. I was really impressed with how much Ben could help me without actually being there in person. I've now been able to fix the pain I was suffering with and get back to training. I will be using Ben's services online in the future as I compete in Thailand and value Ben's help massively!"

"An empowering, nourishing and highly supportive experience. Ben is a compassionate restorative practitioner with extensive experience in his complementary field/s. He made the process of reinvigorating my diet easeful and non-restrictive. We collectively set clear, simple objectives to allow me to adopt healthy and habitual eating behaviours. His background as a physiotherapist also created a comprehensive, harmonious therapeutic environment which made me feel in safe hands.

If you're looking for a holistic, methodical nutritionist with sensitivity at the core of his practice, I would highly recommend Ben."


"In one session he gave me the tools I needed to turn my diet upside down in two weeks and I've never eaten better. He has been incredibly generous in answering questions via email between consultations. Absolutely client-focussed from start to finish and in fact aims to help you such that you no longer need any consultations. 

"It is my pleasure to recommend Ben Steele-Turner, he knows his stuff! I am a runner and was suffering from foot pain following training. Ben quickly identified (sadly!) a stress fracture. He explained the road to recovery and provided a written summary so there was a definite plan in place." 

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