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Pro's and Con's of Calorie

Counting Calories

Tracking your calorie intake is a potentially useful tool for some people. Calories are a measure of the energy in a food.

You could try my free calorie calculator above to find a rough maintenance level for you.

What to Watch Out For!

As you are most likely aware, the world of nutrition and dietary advice is full of poor information. 

Sometimes, personal info for you is needed.

Nutrition Red Flags.png
Alcohol during Injury Recovery.png

Can I Drink Alcohol While Injured?

This is a common question that people ask when they have an injury of some form. 

Realistically a small amount is unlikely to have a huge impact, but it certainly will not be positive.

Poor Diet Could Hinder Injury Recovery .

How POOR Diet Could be Bad:

If you have an injury, we all know that seeing a Physio is certainly advisable. 

However, the nutrients we are giving our body are important. Here is some mistakes to avoid!

Underrated Benefits of Good Nutrition fo

How a GOOD Diet can Help!

Conversely to above - if your nutrition is great during recovery from an injury, you'll be doing yourself a lot of favours. 

This is a huge part of what I believe in!

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